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Swedish Massage: Soft, tissue massage increases blood and lymph circulation, enhances range of motion. Ultimately calms the nervous system and reduces stress.
30 min $45 | 45 min $65 | 60 min $95 | 90 min $130

Deep-Tissue Massage: When muscles are traumatized or aching, they will benefit from deep finger pressure. Chronic patterns of tension in muscles and tendons are worked on to restore the body's suppleness.
30 min $50 | 45 min $80 | 60 min $110 | 90 min $145

Foot Reflexology: Placing proper pressure on the reflex areas corresponding to those specific body parts help to restore, balance and harmony. To make your feet relaxed, energized, and give a lift you need to embrace the day. 25 min $40

Shiatsu Massage: Massaging specific pressure points on the body with traditional Oriental finger pressure technique help to release muscle stiffness, and alleviate mental tension, leaving a profound feeling of abandon and renewed vitality.
25 min $45 | 45 min $65 | 60 min $80

Therapeutic Massage: Stimulates the glands, nerves, blood vessels, muscles and connective tissues in an attempt to alleviate pain and bring relief to tired or aching body parts, reducing the possibility of cramps and muscle spasms.
60 min $120 | 90 min $145

Aromatherapy Massage: An effective combination of the nurturing and relaxing powers of touch with great penetrating force of carefully chosen essential oils is determined by types of oils used.
45 min $80 | 60 min $120 | 90 min $145

Hot Stone Massage: The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension.
30 min $65 | 1 hour $120

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The Marietta
Full-Body Massage (your choice), Classic Facial Paraffin, Manicure and Pedicure, Haircut, Shampoo & Conditioning
4.5 hours $244 & up

A Day of Beauty
Full Body Massage (your choice), Petite Facial, Manicure and Pedicure, Haircut, Shampoo & Conditioning
3.5 hours $208 & up

Fresh Start
Full-Body Massage (your choice), Petite Facial, Manicure, Haircut, Shampoo & Conditioning
3 hours $179 & up

One half hour massage, Petite Facial, Manicure and Pedicure
2.5 hours $136 & up

Custom Spa
Aromatherapy, 1-hour Massage , 1-hour Microdermabrasion , Custom Spa Manicure and Pedicure
3.5 hours $249 & up

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